DOI: 10.18413/2313-8912-2018-4-4-0-2

On interdisciplinary studies of language contacts and contact-induced changes

The article deals with the problem of language contacts and their outcomes. Contact of languages is viewed as a multi-facet phenomenon. The authors focus on the way researchers deal with contact-related issues in social sciences. The fields covered in the article include linguistics, psychology, sociology, culture and history. The interdisciplinary nature of language contacts is studied by comparing subjects of studies and theoretical approaches to dealing with contacts between languages and contact-related phenomena. The work is topical because it provides the insight into this field of investigation and helps to identify most disputable or neglected areas, which could become the basis for future developments and studies. The aim of the article is to give an account of how various academic disciplines interrelate in the study of language contacts and what problems researchers face and try to solve in their works. For this purpose, a systemic approach to the interdisciplinary analysis is used. The conclusion is made that more attention should be paid to the links between these fields, so that results in one domain can be compared with those in another.

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