DOI: 10.18413/2313-8912-2018-4-4-0-4

Concept "MIGRANT" in migration discourse (on the material of a free associative experiment)

The article deals with migration discourse from the standpoint of the conceptual approach. Migration discourse is considered as a type of social practice, as it is formed by social structures and social agents, as well as  an ideological construct,  which is formed by a certain position of society and attitude to migrants. In this regard, certain speech techniques, tactics, strategies are used as special features of migration discourse. The main tool of the analysis of migration discourse is its basic concept "migrant", whose model is the object of the study. The subject of the analysis is the identification of paradigmatic, syntagmatic types of relations of the structure of the concept under study, as well as thematic analysis of the conceptual field. The research method is a free associative experiment. This experimental method allows to develop a model of the concept "migrant", to identify paradigmatic and syntagmatic types of relations in the associative field, to implement a thematic analysis of the material. The purpose of this article is to present a model of the concept "migrant" on the basis of associative reactions of syntagmatic and paradigmatic types of relations and to identify thematic groups as main topics of migration discourse. The concept "migrant" is the main social agent of migration discourse.

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