DOI: 10.18413/2313-8912-2019-5-1-0-6

Metaphoric modelling of reality in the rock-album “Drones” by Muse

Rock poetry is an important and relevant subject in modern linguistic research. The striking imagery and vivid metaphoric character of British rock poetry makes it one of the main models for representing British national identity. The article studies conceptual metaphors and metaphor models in the album «Drones» (2015) by the British rock-band Muse. With the help of the method of analyzing metaphors in the discourse of the communication addresser, we were able to identify thirteen conceptual metaphors. These metaphors, which have vivid imagery and high pragmatic potential, were classified according to their subspheres and types. Also, the quantitative analysis of the metaphors of different subspheres allowed to reveal dominant and less frequent conceptual images of the album. The metaphors and metaphorical models form the conceptual field of the album, which is described in the paper. Besides the analysis allowed us to draw conclusions about the peculiarities of the modern British rock poetry.

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