DOI: 10.18413/2313-8912-2019-5-1-0-5

Analysis of variability of two-component English phraseology with the verb HAVE

In the article, the verbal phraseological units (PU) with the component have, which have the grammatical structure of a two-component combination of words (a verb + a noun), are analyzed in terms of variability, because they represent one of numerous groups in the field of modern English phraseology with the verb mentioned. The pertinence of the work stems from the imminent need of a research of the role of variability within the most widespread two-component phraseology of English. The paper also analyzes the problem of functioning of phraseological variants. The research is carried out on the language material of modern lexicographic sources. The main method of extraction of phraseological units from a language continuum and of their structural-semantic analysis is the method of phraseological identification, offered by the founder of the English phraseology professor A.V. Kunin. A number of non-paradigmal methods and techniques of linguistics are also employed as additional methods of the research, including a descriptive method with its procedures, methods of the definitional, phraseological and contextual analysis. As a result of the research, a set of main types of variants of the analyzed phraseological units have come to light: simple phraseological variants and complex phraseological variants and their subspecies – substantive-quantitative, adjectival-quantitative and verbal-quantitative PU variants – and a number of functions of PU variants are described. The analysis leads to the conclusion that both simple, and complex variation of the component structure of the studied phraseology has no noticeable impact on the meaning of a phraseological unit, keeping its identity.

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