DOI: 10.18413/2313-8912-2019-5-1-0-10

Specifics of profound language monitoring of English Internet-discourse

This study is a cognitive scientific research, taking into account linguistic and extralinguistic knowledge. This makes it possible to illustrate the interrelation of the language and mentality of the nation, as well as to describe the peculiarities of the language reflection of the events of the extralinguistic reality. In this paper, we rely on the fact that any extra-linguistic changes have a projection into the language and empirical facts serve as codifiers of historical events. Thus, the study of language makes it possible to gain access to the linguoculture. At the same time, the monitoring of the changing language situation impacted by non-linguistic factors should be continuous, reflecting the dynamics of language synergy. This kind of language material analysis is complex, since it is rather problematic to reflect language changes in synchrony. They are more obvious in the study of Internet discourse, and this is the reason why it is used as a source of factual material in this study. The program of profound empirical monitoring, the principles of the organisation of the mental structure have a certain theoretical significance, since they can be used in similar scientific works, taking into account the adaptation of their principles. Accounting for the resources obtained in identical studies in diachrony will allow determining the dynamics of semantic modifications in the future and outlining the prospects for scientific forecasting. The database being developed in the research aims to present data on language changes as fully and objectively as possible and point out the unchanged units in the linguistic culture that will become a verbal monument to the state of the language system for the period in question.

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