DOI: 10.18413/2313-8912-2019-5-2-0-10

“Love” concept in the Bible and in the Koran (in Russian and English translations)

The author studiestheconcept “love” and its representatives in texts of the Bible and the Koran: the frequency, conceptual and figurative characteristics of the concept in the Koran texts are compared with the texts of the Bible. It turns out that the word “love” itself and its representatives in the Koran are characterized by extremely low frequency in comparison with the Bible. Thanks to such representatives as “mercy”, “grace”, “compassion”, “charity” and their derivatives, the frequency of the concept “love” in the Koran increases, but it still remains less noticeable than in the Bible. Investigation of corresponding representatives of the concept “love” in English texts of the Bible (King James Bible) and the Koran (The Holy Quran) shows peculiarities of the use of the representative “mercy” in the English Koran and in the King James Bible. The use of the word "charity" is ambiguous: in the King James Bible it is found exclusively in the New Testament texts to translate the word “love” with the meaning of “agape” (that is, love to all people, including enemies), in the Koran it is used for translation of the word “alms", and the frequency of the word “charity” in this meaning in the English-language text of the Koran is 2.3 times higher than in the Bible (although in the Russian-language texts of the Bible and the Koran the frequency of the representative of "alms" is the same). The comparison of the Russian-language and English-language quotations of the Koran in some cases enables to draw a conclusion that the same texts have different interpretation, up to transferring of the opposite or completely different sense. The texts of the Synod Russian-language translation of the Bible and the King James Bible are identical in transferring of senses.

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