DOI: 10.18413/23138912-2020-6-2-0-4

Transfer of cultural-marked knowledge

    The article deals with the cultural-marked literary knowledge transfer. The concept of the temporal transfer of literary knowledge is presented, in which the knowledge of the people is transformed into the textual form of a historical novel as the basis for the formation of a culturally-marked historical literary discourse. In this case, the temporal transfer of knowledge becomes a trigger for developing a synchronous-diachronic model of literary discourse. A purposeful transfer and mediated transfer of literary knowledge are substantiated as the unit of textual models-reconstructions. The results of a cognitive-hermeneutic analysis of the novel by W. Scott "Ivanhoe" are presented. The author reveals a high degree of culturally-marked knowledge transfer from medieval legends onto the text model-reconstruction format as a unit of multi-thematic models-reconstructions. In the study of the model-reconstruction “Medieval castle” there were determined ten submodels-reconstructions. The prevalence of linguoculturemes, including social linguoculturemes, in two submodels-reconstructions “Space inside the castle” and “Space outside the castle walls” is identified. The scientific thesaurus is completed by the terms such as transfer of cultural-marked knowledge, temporal transfer of literary knowledge, purposeful transfer of literary knowledge, and mediated transfer of literary knowledge.

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