DOI: 10.18413 / 2313-8912-2015-1-3-110-116


Educational discourse demonstrates a number of characteristics, which can be analyzed and grouped according to various parameters. The Theme of Online and Blended Learning occupies a critical domain within the educational discourse, including the language of high school. The discourse of senior high school provides sets of stylistic and genre markers for the discourse, such as terminological and professional vocabulary that defines and clarifies concepts and categories within the discourse of education. These characteristics index and differentiate texts and affect the discourse flow as well as interdiscursively motivate its connections with other types of discourses in a larger network. The research of pedagogical literature and regulatory documents examines the organizational, including operational aspects of online and blended learning, pedagogical experience, the use of related technologies and of competencies approach to support learning in a high school setting. In conclusion, the article reminds of the legitimacy of qualitative methods for building a methodological foundation to make organizational and operational solutions to enhance learning experience encouraging open education and technological practice. Educational technology develops human resources in terms of professional development of teachers along with preparedness for career and personal success of high school graduates, stimulates the adoption of new technological products and services across nations.

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