Artistic means of childhood trauma representation in American 9/11 literature

Volume 9, Issue №3, 2023
The paper provides an analysis of how American 9/11 literature artistically represents the traumatization of children, conveys their psychological experiences and the subsequent journey towards healing in the ...

Le Guin's magic in the context of Taoism: reading A Wizard of Earthsea

Volume 9, Issue №2, 2023
This research examines the role of magic in fantasy fiction, with a particular emphasis on Ursula K. Le Guin's A Wizard of Earthsea (1968). The research shows how the ...

Posthuman and Pandemic Elements in the Feminist Retellings of Fairy Tales in Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles

Volume 8, Issue №4, 2022
Fairy tales have transcended time, space, context and their original media of propagation. Retelling or reworking familiar fairy-tale tropes has long been a literary tradition which still enjoys a ...
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