DOI: 10.18413/2313-8912-2017-3-4-10-16


The article covers some aspects of word formation und the use of nouns in the Austrian variant of the modern literary German language in the field of gastronomy, using the example of the lexeme ‘Ribisel’ (currant), as well the compound derivatives, such as Ribiselfleck (currant pie), Ribiselschnitte (a piece of currant pie), Ribiselkuchen (currant pie), Ribiselwein (currant wine), Ribiselsaft (currant juice), Ribiselmarmelade (currant jam), Ribiselstaude (currant bush), Ribiselstrauch (currant bush). The analysis shows that not only the lexemes typical of the Austrian variant of the German language are involved in the process of compounding: Fleck (pie), Schnitte (piece), Staude (bush), Strauch (bush). The process of compounding also involves the words which belong to Standard German: Kuchen (pie), Wein (wine), Saft (juice), Marmelade (jam). Our study demonstrates that Austrian German words are mostly replaced by Standard German ones. For instance, we could not find an Austrian word ‘Ribiselfleck’ in books, but it is being used on special websites devoted to cooking (mostly Austrian). ‘DUDEN dictionary’ (DUDEN – Wörterbuch Duden online) has the following meanings for ‘Fleck’: 1. [durch einen Klecks] verschmutzte Stelle – dirty place; 2. andersfarbige Stelle – a place of another color. None of these meanings matches the meaning given in the Dictionary ‘Variantenwörterbuch des Deutschen: die Standardsprache in Österreich, der Schweiz und Deutschland sowie in Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Ostbelgien und Südtirol‘. Thus, we can assume that publishers, referring to DUDEN dictionaries, which are often considered in the German-speaking space as a linguistic standard, knowingly avoid the use of marked lexemes or words which are not included into the dictionary. In our research, we referred to modern works of literature in German.

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