DOI: 10.18413/2313-8912-2018-4-3-0-6


The article addresses the problem of classification of dysphemisms in English. The existing classifications based on lexico-semantic features are analyzed. The article reveals the key features of artistic discourse, which cause the need to classify dysphemisms according to a functional feature. There are three groups of dysphemisms: dysphemisms used to express negative attitudes toward the object of speech; dysphemisms used to impart emotional coloring to the utterance, and dysphemisms designed to discredit or demoralize the opponent. Each of these groups is treated separately using examples from the English-language works of art. The possibility of using the same dysphemism in all three categories is explained in detail, examples of such a phenomenon are given. The function of dysphemisms, specific for artistic discourse which consists in creating a certain emotional effect is emphasized separately. In conclusion, the study materials are summarized, conclusions are given.

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