DOI: 10.18413/2313-8912-2019-5-2-0-2

Abbreviation from the point of view of linguistic creativity

Abbreviation is a linguistic phenomenon that reflects more vividly the tendencies of the English language development and communication processes in terms of their optimization by searching for the most capacious and at the same time economical linguistic means. The pertinence of studying the processes of abbreviation also stems from the specific character of the language of the Internet, where contracted units of various types mark the linguistic language environment appearance.

The aim and purpose of the research is the investigation of abbreviation processes from the point of view of linguistic creativity, that is considered to be the process of creative transformation of linguistic units in a broad sense, including internal and external motivational factors that reflect various transformations in the consciousness of the individual and society, in the linguocultural and professional environment and the world view formation. The concept of linguistic creativity, applied to the analysis of abbreviation processes, includes creative transformational activity aimed at solving communicative-pragmatic and aesthetic-stylistic problems in various fields of human activity. Abbreviation is analyzed in terms of an integrated approach, including semantic, linguistic semiotic, lexicographical methods of the analysis, taking into account the socio-cultural, functional-cognitive, conceptual and discursive aspects of the study.

The linguistic creative approach to the study of abbreviation processes enables to come to the conclusion that the abbreviation phenomenon can be considered not only as a result of compression mechanisms in the field of form and content, but also as a creative transformation of a language unit that closely interacts with the heuristic nature of the process, meeting the requirements of the new reality of the language existence on the functional and systemic levels, represented in the sphere of discourse.

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