DOI: 10.18413/2313-8912-2019-5-3-0-4

Polyparadigmatic analysis of multi-component technical terms of oil and gas industry

    The article presents the results of polyparadigmatic analysis of multi-component terminological units of oil and gas industry, which is proposed to be used as the main way of describing terminology. The interdisciplinary development of modern science and technology generates complex concepts that cannot be described with single-word terms, thus, the study is focused on the multi-component units. The paper also compares the concepts of a multi-component term and a multi-component terminological unit, and substantiates the choice of terminology. The second part of the article presents results of the analysis based on the following aspects: linguistic, informational, logical and conceptual. Analysing the informational aspect, the term’s informational-semantic components that define its content and meaning were identified; logical and conceptual analysis allowed us to single out general technical categories, which include selected multi-component terminological units. At the end, a number of conclusions are drawn: the optimal length of a multi-component terminological unit – three components (two nouns and one adjective), technical terms and general scientific terms function as key terms; key information is contained in final components of the unit. The author concludes that polyparadigmatic analysis allows to describe the term as a multi-level complex language structure, behind which there is a complex concept or a number of related concepts.

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