DOI: 10.18413/2313-8912-20206-2-0-6

Old Runic inscriptions: experience in creating a thematic dictionary

    The article is intended to propose a version of a thematic dictionary of the Old Runic inscriptions and to solve the following tasks: to draw up a list of runic word forms, classified by separate semantic spheres; to develop a standard dictionary entry scheme; to interpret the runic words per se as a given of the ancient Germanic lexicon; to establish a ratio of the sacral and secular in the Old Runic inscriptions; to identify borrowings in Runic vocabulary; to reconstruct the Runic model of the universe on the basis of the obtained data. Each dictionary entry includes a lexem recorded in the Runic inscription, the indication of its number in Antonsen 's list, its Old-Germanic préform, related words in other Old-Germanic languages, morphological and grammatical information (part of speech, genus, number), meaning, functioning as the first or second component of composites. The analysis has established the following: an exceptional development of the idea of the sacral was confirmed, which is expressed in the dominance of the magico-religious sphere; the influence of extralinguistic factors manifested in the high productivity of the military sphere determined by the way of life of ancient Germans; typical of the archaic consciousness of antithesis is alien; relevance of the axiological approach manifested in the presence of positive or negative evaluation; the use of not only high style with typical sacral terminology, but also low style; emphasis on the idea of dynamics, embodied in the high frequency of motion verbs.

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