DOI: 10.18413/2313-8912-2020-6-3-0-7

The structure of utterance and the system of language communication tools: based on contemporary literary works of art

The article deals with the language communication tools deeply involved in the structure of the utterance. The pertinence of the article stems from: a) the need for a holistic approach to the study of the utterance as a minimum, the "molecular" unit of communication, and b) scientific-theoretical and practical needs of the science of language in gaining knowledge about the text in communication theory, the mechanisms of its construction and content. The object area of the study is the utterance and the universal system of communication tools that is involved in its structuring. The article focuses on the problem of utterance structure that is relevant for communicative linguistics, as well as connection and relationship of language communication tools present in a particular utterance. The article also presents a comprehensive research methodology: structural and semantic analysis of statements, descriptive research, and the method of introspection and interpretation. Both general linguistic and actual communicative methods are used to integrate the results and compare the logical sequence of research results. The obtained results indicate the important role of communication tools in the formation of statements in the text, as well as the fact that they, being units of a particular level of language, are constructed according to a certain set of speech and language rules and formulas. The author of the article considers the actual language, para-language, stylistic and genre means involved in the formation of a particular utterance. In conclusion the author reaches the relevant opinion that an integral system of universal communication tools is involved in the construction of the utterance.

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