DOI: 10.18413/2313-8912-2020-6-4-0-3

Conceptual motivation and term-formation in mechanical terminology

Like in other terminologies, the terminology of mechanics in general, as well as its basic terminology is distinguished, among other things, for its Albanian composition by construction, for the relations it has with the general lexicon of the language, as well as with the terminological lexicon of other fields, especially with basic theoretical fields of knowledge. Of a particular importance here is the view of the motivation of the conceptual content of the terms of this field from the point of view of their construction, which represents the mechanism of functioning of the terms, where the relations of form with the content stand out.

The accomplishment of the aim of the study has become possible through relying on a sound theoretical base, argued and contemporary; which has got as a starting point the observation of terminology as a system of a field that is an identified and independent knowledge, which responds to the conceptual system of the respective field.  The reliance on this idea, which is based on the relationship between concepts, has created the possibility to raise and to resolve a range of problems connected with the respective terminology.

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