DOI: 10.18413/2313-8912-2021-7-1-0-2

Taxis and aspectuality: intercategorical syncretism 

The article deals with the functional and semantic categories of taxis and aspectuality in the aspect of intercategorical syncretism. Both categories are verbal semantic categories. They represent the linguistic expression of the idea of time and constitute a temporal-aspectual-taxis poly-categorical semantic complex.

The intercategorical syncretism of the functional-semantic categories of taxis and aspectuality (iterativity, phasing) determines the actualization of various aspectual-taxis categorical situations of simultaneity/non-simultaneity in statements with prepositional deverbatives in languages of different structures. Aspectual-taxis values of a primary nature are represented in aspectual-taxis categorical situations of simultaneity, precedence, and following. Aspectual-taxis values of a secondary nature are actualized in various circumstantial (circonstant) aspectual-taxis categorical situations of simultaneity: instrumental-taxis, modal-taxis, conditional-taxis, causal-taxis, consequential-taxis, etc. In multiples and phase statements, phase -, iterative -, or interconnected- phase-iterative-taxis categorical situations of simultaneity or non-simultaneity are actualized.

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