DOI: 10.18413/2313-8912-2022-8-2-0-6

Revealing the ideology of Omicron discourse in CNN Indonesia news

After the emergence of the Covid-19 virus new Omicron variant at the end of 2021, news in various mass media resurfaced, especially in Indonesia. Digitalization in the world of news increasingly aligns with the Omicron variant that has entered Indonesia. The news about a new Omicron variant becomes a hot topic that is often discussed in various mass media and online news portals during the Covid-19 pandemic. The ideology of media certainly affects the text produced and distributed to the public. This article aims to analyze the dimensions of the text and uncover the ideology contained in CNN news of Indonesia. The method implemented in this research is the critical discourse analysis (CDA) developed by Van Dijk. The data source in this study is CNN Indonesia.com online news regarding the emergence of the Omicron variant of Covid-19. The data collection technique was done by Internet searching. The data were analyzed by applying the three-dimensional stages of Van Dijk, namely macrostructure, superstructure, and microstructure. The result of the study found that the discourse presented by CNN Indonesia adhered to the ideology of nationalism, so the news gained more legitimacy in the minds of the people so that people obeyed the consensus and nullified the dissensus in implementing health protocols.

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