DOI: 10.18413/2313-8912-2016-2-1-58-64


The author of this article has for a number of years been engaged in the study of onomastic system of the city of Pavlodar. The names of objects of inner-city environment - urbonims - are of considerable interest to linguists either from linguistic, or socio-cultural perspective. The author addresses an important scientific issue of the possible criteria for classification of urbonims of Pavlodar and considers a thematic group of "nomination of banks", the example of which shows factors important for proper analysis. The scientist has identified functional, semantic, motivational, linguistic criteria for the analysis of banks nominations. The application thereof to the actual material of the study allowed to obtain scientific results of considerable interest. The author emphasizes the universal nature of the proposed criteria for classification of urbonims and considers it possible to apply them to the entire array of factual material relating to the current grant-based study.

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