The anthropocentric approach which is of great importance nowadays deals with the theory of translation. The most important areas of it are the study of procedural and heuristic aspects of the translator's activity, the typology of translation, the studies of structural and functional transformations of language units during the translation and study of national-cultural specifics in the translation process. The modern theory of translation is a searching of extralinguistic, socio-cultural and psychological factors that shape its strategy and norms as a creative activity. We analyse the story "Tree and Leaf" written by J. R. R. Tolkien as a creative activity. We point out 3 different types of translations made by E. Gippius, S. Koshelev and O. Stepashkina. We state that the title is a "collapsed" text that incorporates cultural, historical, ethnic, linguistic information. We also pay attention to linguistic specific of the main character’s name that has transformations in three different versions of the translation.

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