DOI: 10.18413/2313-8912-2018-4-4-0-5

Parameters of the ecolinguistic analysis of foreign lexemes in regional glossy magazines

The article deals with the peculiarities of foreign lexeme functioning in the texts of glossy magazines in the Vologda region. Currently, there is an intensive use of foreign lexemes in journal texts, however, there are no criteria for determining the appropriateness or inappropriateness of their use. Thus the research topicality is determined by the necessity to work out a structured algorithm for analyzing foreign lexemes on the basis of the ecolinguistic approach. The language material of the research includes texts from the following regional glossy magazines: «Fresh time» (Vologda) and «Fame» (Cherepovets) that present information on current events in the region. The authors suggest an integrated methodology for analyzing the mass media text with foreign lexemes worked out on the basis of general scientific, linguistic and ecolinguistic methods. In the paper, four parameters of the ecolinguistic analysis of foreign lexemes in magazine texts are described: frequency, graphic form, definition type, and the appropriateness of their combination with contextual synonyms. The analysis shows that a moderate use of foreign words can be observed in the regional magazines; the main strategies to reveal the meaning of such words include contextual synonyms and definitions. In the conclusion, a five-step algorithm to characterize how foreign lexemes are used in the regional articles has been offered.

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