DOI: 10.18413/2313-8912-2017-3-3-22-33


The article presents the lexico-semantic morphology and the functional-syntactic role of the noun as part of speech and the sentence constituent in its nominative role.

Noun in the semantic aspect in its categorical characteristic as part of speech, denoting the substance, prototypically denotatively is in direct connection with the corresponding object (object, person, material substance) of material reality. However, linguists have discovered that within the class of nouns one can distinguish names that are self-sufficient in their semantics and the names "relative", whose semantics disclosure requires referring to another name addressed to another denotator. This distinction of names is important for lexicology and lexical semantics.

At the same time, both these and other representatives of the substantive class in functional-syntactic manifestation in the nomination of real-life events within the framework of propositional syntagms manifest themselves as functional-synemantic constituents. Such a synthesized description of the noun in its morphological and functional-syntactic semantics appears to be new and important. 

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