Range of associations to Russian abstract and concrete nouns

Volume 9, Issue №1, 2023
The article deals with the specificity of associations to nouns with a high degree of abstractness and concreteness. Nouns were selected from the created database of abstractness/concreteness ratings of ...

Silent, but salient: gestures in simultaneous interpreting

Volume 9, Issue №1, 2023
Salience is regarded as one of the key concepts for cognitive studies of language and communication, however there is limited research on how prominence plays out in multimodal discourse. ...

Specifics of text derivatives propositions in speech ontogeny

Volume 9, Issue №1, 2023
Speech generation is an insufficiently explored process and text recalling is even more poorly understood. This article is aimed at studying the relationship between the primary expository text ...

Numbers in simultaneous interpreting: a multimodal analysis

Volume 9, Issue №1, 2023
Simultaneous interpreting (SI) is considered to be a highly demanding cognitive task, especially in regard to elements which represent a stumbling block during SI (e.g. numbers, idiomatic expressions, etc.). ...

The complexity of semantic search in native and foreign languages: an analysis of eye-movements

Volume 9, Issue №1, 2023
The article discusses the central problems of word recognition in native and foreign languages. Russian-speaking and Azerbaijani-speaking subjects were solving the visual semantic search task and were looking for ...

Text and metatext event in the gaze behavior of impulsive and reflective readers

Volume 9, Issue №1, 2023
Experimental research testing the effects of text complexity onto gaze behavior and comprehension have revealed multiple factors which underlie the distribution of attention in reading. In the study, we ...
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