DOI: 10.18413/2313-8912-2020-6-2-0-5

Olfactory metaphor in perfume advertising discourse

    In this article the author turns to the olfactory metaphor in the perfumery discourse of German-language advertising. The study is based on cognitive-discursive analysis. Olfactory metaphor is considered as one of the main aspects in the description of advertising perfume discourse.

    The author analyses how fragrances are presented by online stores on German websites and distinguishes dead metaphors, which stand out from the nomenclature of perfume jargon and non-trivial figures. The study concluded that the phenomenon of synesthesia perception of smell and appeal to images and representations of objects of our reality become the fundamental parameters of the olfactory metaphor in the context of advertising perfumes. This specificity of the olfactory metaphor allows to identify the classification features of a certain concept in the word semantics and to get an exposition of the advertising object in several planes in the odoristic image constructing. At the same time, the multidimensionality of the olfactory metaphor in advertising initiates the conditions for manipulating the consumer audience.

    As a result, the empirical material is classified based on the definition of models of synaesthetic interaction of perceptual images. Taking into account some general and particular characteristics, the author also distinguishes conceptual areas of metaphorical models, which are analyzed both with taking into account the underlying cognitive mechanisms, and also from the standpoint of their pragmatic potential.

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