DOI: 10.18413/2313-8912-2020-6-2-0-11

Metaphors of the subsphere “Nature” in the novel “Fahrenheit 451” by R. Bradbury

    The development of the theory of cognitivemetaphormakesthe study of metaphoric modelling in different types of discourse, including the discourse of fiction, a relevant and perspective subject. Metaphor is one of the main figurative means in literature, it is a key to understanding the linguistic worldview of the author. The article deals with the analysis of conceptual metaphors of the subsphere “Nature” in the novel by R. Bradbury “Fahrenheit 451”, an iconic text in world literature. The novel has undergone a vast number of interpretations especially in popular culture. Using the methodology of researching conceptual metaphors united by the source sphere of metaphorical expansion, as well as the methodology of researching conceptual metaphors in the discourse of the addressee of communication, 140 conceptual metaphors of the Nature sub-sphere were discovered and classified according to frames and slots, which have vivid imagery and are involved in creating the artistic reality of the novel. The identified metaphors were classified into zoomorphic and phytomorphic ones as well as metaphors of inorganic nature and the pragmatic potential of these metaphors was described. The quantitative analysis of the metaphors of different subspheres allowed to reveal the dominant conceptual images of the novel and to draw conclusions about the peculiarities of the fictional reality created by the author.

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