DOI: 10.18413/2313-8912-2021-7-1-0-9

The Radiation of Sufism in Whitman’s Poetry

Considering Walt Whitman as a mystic and a Sufi is an amazing subject. The passion, depth and richness of the Leaves of Grass themes are more praiseworthy than any other work. The resemblance between the Leaves of Grass and the works of Sufi poets depicts the inner revolution of the poet. Apparently Walt Whitman found his true homeland in his inner relationship with God. He wants to return to the heavenly life that everyone will go to. In other words, Whitman sees the place of man in God as Sufi Poets. At the same time, the language of Whitman's poems practically reflects his mystical experiences. Purpose of writing this article is the inference of Whitman's mystical goals which are clear in his works. Based on the findings of this study, Whitman's ultimate goal in human is considered to be the annihilation and survival of God. In this article, mystical spiritual contexts have been used in the interpretation of Whitman's poems. Thus my intention is to express to some extent the factors of Islamic mysticism in Whitman's poems. With a fresh and wonderful look, the mystical dimensions of his poetry should be examined. In this article Whitman’s mysticism seeks to be regarded as a kind of Sufi mysticism.

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