DOI: 10.18413/2313-8912-2021-7-1-0-6

Motivation of word-group (word combination) terms in the terminology of mechanical engineering in Albanian in relation with English

In a terminological word-group (word combination), the combining capacities of both the main (defined) element of the term and its defining element are realized. The characteristic of unambiguity in general is acquired by the term phrase also outside the terminological system, therefore it has precedence over the one-word term, because it acquires the characteristic of unambiguity even outside the system of its field.

The motivation of word-group (word combination) terms can also be viewed in terms of the source composition of their elements, as each element may have different degrees of motivation depending on its origin. Thus, for example, a phrase composed of combinations of foreign terms with Albanian ones, may have different degrees of motivation, when it may contain only Albanian or foreign terms. On the other hand, motivation also depends on which constituent element of the phrase is transparent (clearer or more accurate), i.e., the defined or the defining element.

Most of the terms are motivational in their conceptual content, which means that each term has a base from which it originates and just in the way the base is developed, so it developed as well it is content. However, one part of terms derive from common words and enter a knowledge field according to the quality of the term, while maintaining the conceptual content, e.g. its content as a word or as a term is more or less the same. Here we are dealing with same concepts that pass from a low conceptual level (as a word) to a higher conceptual level (as a term). Thus, for example, can be considered a number of terms as: derë (door), dritare (window (const.)). It should be noted here that each of them develop further as: dritare (e kompjuterit)(window (of computer));dritare (fryrjeje) (window (air-control)); derë (ndërtese) door (building) and derë (furre)door (oven).

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