DOI: 10.18413 / 2313-8912-2015-1-3-4-9


The present article is dedicated to the question of the interrelations between borrowings and foreign inclusions. The theoretical issues related to the concepts of foreign inclusions and borrowing stand as a serious problem in linguistics, because there are three different approaches to the phenomena under research. The first approach emphasizes that the terms of foreign inclusion and borrowing represent a single phenomenon. According to the second point of view, foreign inclusion is the initial stage of the borrowing process. The third approach is the need to separate these notions. The subject of the research is the problem of terminology. First of all, the authors explore the terms between borrowings and foreign inclusions, analyze notions and allocate criteria that serve as the basis for their differentiation. The conducted analyses showed that the phenomenon under study has both a number of common and specific features. An attempt to clarify the question about the interrelations between borrowings and foreign inclusions is supposed to provide bilingualism as one of the distinguishing factors.

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