DOI: 10.18413/2313-8912-2021-8-3-0-4

Translating metaphors in economic media discourse: strategy challenges

The article deals with the research of language metaphors of English and German-language media discourse. The authors attempt to study the features of the use and translation of language metaphor in economic media discourse. The research material was collected from the economic texts of the English and German online magazines and newspapers "The Economist", "The Guardian", "The Times", " Der Spiegel", "Die Welt", "Focus Online", "Die Zeit", "Der Tagesspiegel", «Leipziger Volkszeitung». The object of this study was 240 original English and German metaphors and their translations into Russian.  The importance of the research is explained by the fact that a more thorough study of the features of the expressive means of a foreign language in the texts of a special discourse when performing professionally oriented translation is needed. A review of studies of metaphor in a special discourse is carried out, its structure, functions and semantic classifications in the texts of newspaper publications of an economic orientation are given. The authors point out the most frequent structural (verbal, substantive and adjectival) and semantic (anthropomorphic, nature-morphic, sociomorphic and artifact) classifications of metaphors of this type of publicistic discourse. The results of a comparative analysis of translations of English and German metaphors in economic media articles into Russian are presented in the article. The authors note that in most cases, in the texts of a special discourse, it is possible to transmit a metaphorical image of a foreign language lexical unit by means of the Russian language. The authors draw a conclusion that the successful transfer of foreign language means of expression into Russian in this type of text requires not only the use of the translator's technical arsenal, but also a creative approach to the translation of the studied linguistic phenomenon.

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