DOI: 10.18413/2313-8912-2019-53-0-11

Strategies used in the translation of scientific texts to fill the lexical gap

The present study is aimed at exploring the strategies used in translating scientific texts to overcome challenges which translators faced for selecting suitable Persian chemistry equivalents. For this purpose, a two-volume book in polymer chemistry was investigated. The study was conducted qualitatively, with a text analysis design. The research materials included 65 technical words selected from among the glossary of the book. There are, however, numerous translation strategies applied in translating this book, from which only five most common were selected, including loan word, loan translation, loan blend, loan rendition, and loan translation and rendition. The analysis of the selected technical words showed that loan word translation with 33.33% was the most common, and loan word rendition with 4.76% was the least applied strategy. Therefore, the straightforward implication of the research would be institutionalizing some of common strategies to the experts in polymer chemistry-field for adopting appropriate Persian equivalents.

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